First one…

So here it is, the first post in what I hope is the first of many, but only time will tell.

Chris by a stream in North Yorkshire

I wanted to use this as a potential avenue in to certain cloud concepts and technologies in the hope that it could potentially help others to develop these kind of solutions.

In my history working in the Business Intelligence space, I met a number of colleagues more comfortable with the traditional Microsoft BI Stack (MS SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, Excel) and as the technology has moved at such a rapid pace, were sometimes unsure which would be the correct path to follow. If I am able to assist even a couple of those people, then I will consider this a success.

From a personal point of view, I would also like this to be a place where I can share accounts of my career as well as any potential insight that I could share. If you are new to the field or are hoping to work in Data Engineering, perhaps, this could help…

…but only time will tell.

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